Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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100% Loyal

Madonna is the only product I can think of that I'm 100% loyal to! I cant think of a shampoo, eyeliner, clothing line, snack, drink, car or other brand that I have ever fully committed to or couldn't live without!! You couldn't invent something more charismatic, dark and dirty, lustful, sadistic, powerful, inspiring or beautiful!

leslirules, United States - 01 November 2008


Living Muse Of Our Times

The true living MUSE of our times. Constantly always inspiring people with things that are so simple but yet exciting and exotic!

JJay, Thailand - 08 August 2008


She Does Bring Light To People!

She does bring light to people! She was just 2 meters away from me at the Moscow Confessions show and she looked at me and smiled! Just for a second! She is a light generator and a warrior of god! Fortunately the god made her understand her real role in this world and she has been able to transform herself from a scandalous cash generator into an inspiring icon which shines like a diamond!

Igor, Russian Federation - 26 October 2006


She's An Art

MADONNA is a genius of HERSELF. She's an inspiration. She's an art. God Bless her and everyone who truly "understands" what she means to each of us! :o)

Maj, United States - 13 December 2004


She Is An Icon

She is an icon. She is an idol. She is the one. She is the new. She is the next big thing for more than 20 years.

Gun, Turkey - 02 December 2003

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