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What a letter :)

Dear Emiliya,

My birthday last week was such a blessing for me. I was surrounded by dear friends, my loving family, and by you.

The notes I received from the Raising Malawi family were simply beautiful -- both in their kindness and their concern for the children of Malawi. Thank you for making my birthday so special.

The note from Sylvia in Great Britain is a message for all of us:
May Malawi, and its beautiful people, be raised through the generosity of those who share your dreams. Thank you for the work you do and the joy you give to your fans worldwide. We are all better people for being connected.
I love how Sylvia echoed the African philosophy ubuntu -- I am because we are. We do share a common fate. And we must continue to dream of a better future.

That's why it's so important that we stay connected with each other. I hope you will help us raise awareness about Malawi by joining our Facebook community:

Along with the birthday wishes, many of you took the opportunity to make a donation to our work in Malawi. Again, thank you all!

From Alvaro in Mexico City to Esther in Istanbul, your generous donations totaling over $18,000 touched my heart and will change the lives of so many children. I truly cannot think of a better birthday gift.

Thank you again for being a part of this community and the work most dear to my heart.

Gratefully yours,


P.S. If you would like to donate to Raising Malawi today, I will match your donation - doubling its impact on the lives of the Malawi children.

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Madonna - Deeper And Deeper (Girlie Show)

Comments on Madonna on

100% Loyal

Madonna is the only product I can think of that I'm 100% loyal to! I cant think of a shampoo, eyeliner, clothing line, snack, drink, car or other brand that I have ever fully committed to or couldn't live without!! You couldn't invent something more charismatic, dark and dirty, lustful, sadistic, powerful, inspiring or beautiful!

leslirules, United States - 01 November 2008


Living Muse Of Our Times

The true living MUSE of our times. Constantly always inspiring people with things that are so simple but yet exciting and exotic!

JJay, Thailand - 08 August 2008


She Does Bring Light To People!

She does bring light to people! She was just 2 meters away from me at the Moscow Confessions show and she looked at me and smiled! Just for a second! She is a light generator and a warrior of god! Fortunately the god made her understand her real role in this world and she has been able to transform herself from a scandalous cash generator into an inspiring icon which shines like a diamond!

Igor, Russian Federation - 26 October 2006


She's An Art

MADONNA is a genius of HERSELF. She's an inspiration. She's an art. God Bless her and everyone who truly "understands" what she means to each of us! :o)

Maj, United States - 13 December 2004


She Is An Icon

She is an icon. She is an idol. She is the one. She is the new. She is the next big thing for more than 20 years.

Gun, Turkey - 02 December 2003

Madonna The Spicy Dessert!

Madonna – one of the most controversial desserts in the world’s show-business – cooked her success using simple ingredients and combining them with the most provocative spices. As much as a spicy dessert may look ridiculous and impossible, Madonna still manages to make this pastry and one thing she definitely succeeds at: making it delicious. Let us enjoy her story, or shall we say the recipe of her success?


ability to take chances;
ability to be a step ahead of others;
shocking behavior;
contradicting actions (starting from kids’ books and ending with music videos definitely not for kids!);
ability to create fabulous shows on scene and in life;
performer talent;

First we take a small girl Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone who is the sixth child in the family with a strict father and a stepmother. Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? Well the beginning is truly a bit grim, but keep in mind that in the happy-end Madonna will become successful and hopefully happy. We put this little girl into a school and add some commitment. She gets high marks and can be characterized as a very religious girl.

In some years we add lots of courage, garnish it with a bit of independence and see this young but definitely not little girl go to college. Just like the flower opens in the morning, Madonna has revealed her true character in college. From an obedient girl she turns into a rising star of the Michigan University ballet faculty. At this moment she starts to write the first pages of her success story. Due to the ability to be a step ahead of others and natural talent of a performer Madonna becomes the best dancer in the whole university and gets the grand idea of conquering the whole world.

At the age of 19 the dish seems prepared and Madonna ventures to the fabulous city of New-York. Striving to become a successful performer she does not even finish her studies. At this moment her ability to take chances together with self-confidence are being recognized in the taste of this dessert. What other spice besides recklessness could drive a young girl to New-York with no more than $35 in her pocket? One might think that for such a delicate dessert we add too much spices (not mentioning the whole nonsense of the spicy dessert idea), but in fact this is not even the beginning. As we see later, commitment to her goals takes Madonna through really tough times when she had to work as a waitress, an artist’s model, a cloakroom attendant and what not. She has failed more than once, but still kept moving to her goals, and that made her successful in the end. Madonna did not lose faith in her talent and finally entered the scene as a drummer of the “Breakfast Club” band. Later her ability to create fabulous shows on scene and in life earned her place of the guitar player and the singer in this band. In 1980 Madonna created her own band – “Emmy” – and also started to write songs.

At this moment we begin to recognize the well familiar flavor of success that accompanies Madonna from now on. Producers started to notice her and career took a great leap ahead. In 1983 the “Sire Records” released her first album – “Madonna”. That was the recognition she has fought for during all those years: from now on we speak of Madonna as of a successful singer. Later she released numerous albums and all of them are very popular.

However, she did not stop there. Beside being a singer Madonna achieved success as a songwriter, a record producer, a dancer, an actress, a film producer, a film director, a fashion designer, an author and an entrepreneur. She also raises 4 kids (a daughter Lourdes, a son Rocco, an adopted son David and an adopted daughter Mercy). Truly a remarkable blend of the most controversial flavors one can imagine. Madonna’s fortune (by different sources) is estimated over $900 million. All of this started from $35 with a very strong taste of commitment to her dreams.

Was that a success? Who knows. We are not here to judge, we are here to relish the provocative and original flavor of this definitely remarkable dish – Madonna’s Spicy Dessert.

The Tastiest
Madonna is involved in so many activities that we can speak about it endlessly! So today we’ll mark just the tastiest of the tastiest. True Madonna starts from songs Material Girl and Like A Virgin. These songs reflect her world-famous image that conquered the whole world! It is impossible to understand who’s that girl until you hear these hits! The next hit that made the entire world fall in love with her – La Isla Bonita: a beautiful song, a beautiful video and a beautiful Madonna in Latino style. The album Like A Prayer was called the best in history of pop-music by the “Attitude” magazine; the best song of the best album – Like A Prayer – is also the spiciest one (see the video and you will understand why).

The top of Madonna’s career is embodied in the album Bedtime Stories with it’s tastiest hits – Human Nature and Secret. One of the most… unexpected albums – Ray Of Light – presented the world few hits with the most remarkable ones: Ray Of Light and Frozen. By the way, the video Frozen is considered by some critics the most strange in Madonna’s career.

She confidently entered the XXI century with the album Music. My favorites here are Music and American Pie – the hits that will be modern for years! By the way, if you want to taste the whole Madonna’s success for the best-years of her career that brought her the Pop-Queen status – taste the Madonna: GHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2) album. Regardless of the age and century Madonna is always modern and her albums since 2000s prove it: provocative American Life, sexy Confessions On A Dance Floor and high-end Hard Candy are like cherries on her successful spicy dessert.

"The Sun" Top 50 Singers "That Will Never Be Forgotten"!

The British tabloid "The Sun" released a list of top 50 singers "That Will Never Be Forgotten"

01 - Madonna

02 - Cher

03 - Mariah Carey

04 - Cyndi Lauper

05 - Whitney Houston

06 - Celine Dion

07 - Beyoncé Knowles

08 - Shakira

09 - Kylie Minogue

10 - Britney Spears

11 - Shania Twain

12 - Donna Summer

13 - Gloria Stefan

14 - Amy Lee

15 - Gwen Stefani

16 - Roxette

17 - Christina Aguilera

18 - Jennifer Lopez

19 - Lauryn Hill

20 - Nelly Furtado

21 - Mary J. Blige

22 - Gery Halliwell

23 - Alanis Morissette

24 - Barbra Streisand

25 - Thalia

26 - Janet Jackson

27 - Pink

28 - Anastacia

29 - Norah Jones

30 - Laura Pausini

31 - Enya

32 - Emma Bunton

33 - Sarah Brightman

34 - Aretha Franklin

35 - Fergie

36 - Björk

37 - Kelly Clarkson

38 - Diana Ross

39 - Debbie Harry

40 - Janis Joplin

41 - Missy Eliot

42 - Toni Braxton

43 - Gloria Gaynor

44 - Patti Labelle

45 - Agnetha Fälskog [Abba]

46 - Courtney Love

47 - Tarja [Nightwish]

48 - Deborah Cox

49 - Joss Stone

50 - Lily Allen

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Аз, 1 месец преди концерта на Мадона. Тоест преди точно 1г..

(Salida @ Jul 29 2009, 10:44 AM)
Направо не ми се вярва. Много е странно. Хем тази дата се е отпечатала в емоционалния календар на живота ми (боже, тва аз ли го написах... сигурно защото сега ставам, а спах повече от 6ч. за разнообразие и ми е странно), хем понякога не мога да повярвам, че ще я видя. Толкова ми е високо в списъка на мечтите, че чак не ми се вярва да се случи. Аз ви казвам... ще ме сгази птеродактил часове или дни преди това!


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2011 Guiness World Records

The 2011 edition of the Guiness World Records book features Madonna as the Top-selling Female Recording Artist, with album sales up to December 2009 of 75 million in the USA and 200 million abroad.

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